No. 23: April, 2014

martin amis 1

Artwork by Alain Marciano

A Conversation with Daniel José Older

What’s hard for men about writing women and, in fact, the world at large, is owning how much patriarchy has fucked up this place and our relationships.


“Glass” by Michael Estabrook

Suddenly reaching out tapping the glass with his finger

of course he knows he shouldn’t

be touching the art in any way but seriously


Three Poems by Holly Painter

Women from the East Coast dress well

Southern women have charming accents

Midwestern women are fully adequate

Northern women give arousing kisses

But I like Californian women best

Three Aerogrammes by Fayroze Lutta

I thought maybe now in these austere dark days autumn in Paris, the lady is a junkie. The form is no longer a dress but a heroin needle injecting, giving her a nightly show of exhibitionism, like the Moulin Rouge. Vegas-lights-rock-light. Each and every night there is spectral, a display of exultation from her cocaine high.

“From the Ninth Floor” by Lex Bowbrow

the glass furrowed our skin

on its way to plague the ground

but your naked body

sings the blood well


“I Saw The Devil” by Frederick Foote

I’m not a believer. I don’t deny the existence of God. I just don’t know. In my black community, that makes me something of a pariah. It’s tough to live like that, but I do.