"Shakespeare Grizzled Bear" by Coop Lee

“Shakespeare Grizzled Bear” by Coop Lee

suburban so proxy.
sex so cat and rooster.
love so now //

the gold flaked rims of her plastic.
the white breath.
distance near //

she heard me sing.
i heard her naked by the door.
so we humped kinda like right there //

orange chapter:
jimmy; she blew that kid.
robby; she blew him too.
clyde; she grabbed his cock at the movies.
but i got the everything, the only one to go so deep //

in life i do i do, as my body breaks; i did as my body breaks.
i hold, and now hold: back.
i feel my heart //

light strung to the roofline.
explosions in the distance.
god speaks for just a moment //

particle winter faces.
upon being, upon more groceries.
what we do in this life echoes //