"Pink Coconut" by M. Clara White

“Pink Coconut” by M. Clara White

Two girls squat under a bridge,

Young pack-a-day girls


Unfiltered Camels, in a September snow

In the warm South girls


Warm with a bottle of SoCo.  Young girls:

Janice’s drink.


Changelings melting and freezing, young



Water for sweets, hands that need each

Knuckle kissed, tucked


Each finger inside mittens by Mommas who

Check zippers and cover ears


Two girls in blood-surprised bodies, young men’s



Water for a taste, a peek, a squeal, a smoke

A brutality


Toy girls, teeming girls, SoCo and tits, The Doors

Pussies and bassinettes


Their first trick under the bridge and the pink coconut

Cupcakes it buys them.


M. Clara White is a graduate of the Bennington Writing Seminars. She lives in Newfane, VT. Her work can be found in RHINO Poetry Magazine, ZOUCH Magazine and Miscellany, NAP 3.1, Eunoia Review (forthcoming), Petrichor Machine (forthcoming) and the Medulla Review (also forthcoming).