Two Poems by Elijah Burrell

Two Poems by Elijah Burrell



All of us

gabble and yelp and caterwaul

even the war mutters in the gutter

between the borders

of our fame-leaning lives

no one bothers

to listen

mine is some voice blabbering

just under the pit’s strings

from behind the curtains

on and on and on

come see what I’ve written

come see me enact it


kiss my mouth shut






A cosmic hand grips fingers around

the tuner’s circle, twists the dial

back and forth until it finds somewhere

to settle; a clarity within

the static waves the red line reels

against. A blaring ad slurs into

Buddy Holly’s “Rave On.” The cosmic

hand rests. Tell me not to be lonely,

sings Buddy. A welcome interlude

from gliding, aimless rummage. The red

line seems to glow a little brighter.


Elijah Burrell currently works toward his MFA in the Bennington Writing Seminars. His poetry has appeared in Measure, The Sugar House Review, Muscle & Blood, and other publications. He reside in Jefferson City, Missouri with his wife and two little girls.