"Hot Women" by Ashley Farmer

“Hot Women” by Ashley Farmer

Remember last week, when I wrote about how you—a common, simple Neanderthal—can score hot women at a more prolific and easier rate than a TV Personality? Well that was nothin’ honey. Of course, I am talking about how awesome it is when hot women wear sexy outfits and play lots of great hot lingerie games, pandering to nerds, saying they like Star Trek, Star Wars in corsets or exotic sleepwear. When you find the perfect hot women bar or hot women dance club, it’s only a matter of time before time stops, before you get a seriously hot haircut, a tougher new shirt, an exotic breath mint, pulling out all the stops. You damn well better be nailing a seriously hot woman. Or, better yet, nailing seriously hot women. Or, better yet, dating hot women to convert them to Christianity through relationships and saving them from the burning fires of Hell. (The hot women bar was, the hot women admitted, exotic and hot and seriously tougher still).


Ashley Farmer writes and teaches in Southern California. Her first collection is forthcoming from Tiny Hardcore Press in 2013. You can find her at www.ashleymfarmer.com