"Video Vixen of the Year" by Iresha Picot

“Video Vixen of the Year” by Iresha Picot

If I negotiate

My ass for a

Lil’ bit of camera time

My tits for $200

Continually ready with a hard nipple,

Crop shots of my head,

Or better yet fixating the circulars of my mouth

To form an O,

Keep my thighs shined in baby oiled,

Here they come,

One slap,

Two slap,

Three slap

Ok, just a couple more,

I’m getting exposure, right?


My body over yours


….you always domineering,

Get the ass in the shot,

Sexy leg in another one,

My back in a third one,

Hair in a fourth one,

Glossy lips in a fifth one,

Tongue in another one….

and another one,

and another one,

and another one (um)

Dis’joint [ed] is hot!

…then maybe, just maybe, can I become video vixen of the year at the vibe awards?

O well, there is always next year….


[author_info]Iresha Picot is an organizer and artist, currently living in Philadelphia. She is a recipient of the Art and Change Leeway Grant, Philadelphia’s Fund for Survival Support Work and the Blueprint for Black Women’s Rising Activist Award. She is also the creator behind the “Summer for the Sistas” project; a subversive project of positive images of Black Women with words of encouragement, beauty, and upliftment, written by Black Women for Black Women in their communities. Her written work can be found in Spelman’s “Aunt Chloe” Journal, and the Research in the Teaching of English. She can be reached at Iresha.Picot@gmail.com[/author_info]