"Exegesis #12.1" by Joseph Gamble

“Exegesis #12.1” by Joseph Gamble

This is not something
I often do, but I’m asking
you to go out and find a thing.

It doesn’t have to be big, just don’t ask
why I need you to find it. It’s important.
As long as it’s a thing, you can ask

me one question, but not why, not important
ones like who am I or How did I get here.
Only things like is this red, which is important

in its own way, like how light is simultaneously here
and not here, like how sometimes I think of you
and other times I also think of you, here,

in this space, and I wonder if you
are finding the thing for me, if you know how I
need you to find this thing, how I just need you.

Joseph Gamble is a student at the University of Alabama studying English. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Equivocal, Dewpoint, HOUSEFIRE, and For Every Year.