Two Poems by Chad Redden

Two Poems by Chad Redden


Birds are the best form of expression.
Read any book of poems and a bird is there
expressing something. Trees too. However
let’s concentrate on love for this poem. Birds
are a unique way to express your love to her
and fairly cost efficient. Step one: pour epoxy
in a pattern that best expresses your feelings.
For example: pour epoxy in the shape of a bird.
TIP: use a slow-set epoxy to gather more birds
per square inch. Step two: sprinkle bird seed
onto epoxy pattern. Step three: photograph
the birds. Step four: give her the photograph.
(Do not show her the actual pattern of epoxied
birds. Epoxied birds are loud and unattractive
in person and in general.) TIP: if she dislikes
birds and asks if the photograph is real
tell her it ‘no’ and ‘I found it on the internet.’



I said yes     the air was good there.
I liked the trees.
I liked the hills.
I could climb the tress on the hills
be a very tall person for once     then
my appendix could stop waiting around
to burst and just burst already.
Then I asked the someone
don’t you ever worry
your appendix is bored?
Don’t you ever worry
why it waits to burst?

Chad Redden wrote a small book about Thursday titled Thursday (Plain Wrap).