"Has Anyone Considered That We May Be Moving In Reverse?" by Jenny Erwin

“Has Anyone Considered That We May Be Moving In Reverse?” by Jenny Erwin

A large machine
produced a cotton ball.

Plumbing made the drip that
made it denser
till it grew small
and less soft so

regrettably I was left with little.

I recall attempting to stretch my arms once
but I didn’t touch much but dust

which is of course just used dead skin and other dead things.

Love is a word I don’t understand
not because I’m sad
but I guess because everything is made of everything else:

we dismember it and then reconnect it with strange stitching and thumbtacks.

Terra and Theia smashed their heads together in an obvious
attempt to turn back into one thing and then
an organ played somewhere and its low droning sound led them to
rest their heads on nebulae and nod off.

Jenny Erwin lives in New York City. She has a B.A. in Creative Writing, works in publishing and has been a singer/songwriter for a number of unpopular bands. She used to steal whole cheeses from holiday parties and eat them in secret. She has never had a favorite color.